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Travels and discoveries lover, I am that person who searches for my lovely family THE destination with colors of authenticity and novelty.

This exoticism is dependently proportional at a considerable price if we redirect to travel agency services for their already well-packaged tours, traveling the "highways" to tourists. Preparing your trip has its share of risk, requires time and preparation. The documentation of most countries is certainly shared by numerous works written by specialized authors of the region but for a wide spectrum of readers. But (too?) often, it is once arrived at destination, during different meetings, that I am informed of magnificent places, excellent activities or delicious cuisines, leaving only small gap to adapt my itinerary. With this platform, I wanted to bring together the knowledge, creativity and experience of you, travelers, for you, adventurers. I am a strong believer in saying that there is no bad or good period to visit a region, because each season has its charm and its adapted daily life. In this super active life, our only constraint is the TIME we will give to our trip. For a trip alone, as a couple, with family or with friends, you will find on Itinerary On Earth examples of itineraries by country, by region and by duration. But also the experiences, tips & tricks of our bloggers. THIS website is the diary of travelers passionate about sharing knowledge and discovering their journey.